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martes, mayo 31, 2011

Supreme Liberty

Ron Paul has published the book Liberty Defined, where he exposes a clear meaning of liberty. In this book he shows how and why all social individuals have lost their liberties, and he shows how and why all individual rights have been resigned to omnipotent, totalitarian, and criminal monsters: the governments. In this book he redefine the liberty as "...freedom from coercive interference from the state...". In this book he invites us to restore the principle of liberty, he invites us to restore the control of our own life.

Let me say something what I understand about of libertarianism. A true libertarian is someone who grasps the libertarianism as von Mises did do it, and wrote it, in pages 91and 92 of his book Omnipotent Government-The Rise of the Total State and Total War:

"...In order to grasp the meaning of this liberal libertarian program we need to imagine a world order in which liberalism libertarianism is supreme. Either all the states in it are liberal libertarian, or enough are so that when united they are able to repulse an attack of militarist aggressors. In this liberal libertarian world, or liberal libertarian part of the world, there is private property in the means of production. The working of the market is not hampered by government interference. There are no trade barriers; men can live and work where they want. Frontiers are drawn on the maps but they do not hinder the migrations of men and shipping of commodities. Natives do not enjoy rights that are denied to aliens. Governments and their servants restrict their activities to the protection of life, health, and property against fraudulent or violent aggression. They do not discriminate against foreigners. The courts are independent and effectively protect everybody against the encroachments of officialdom. Everyone is permitted to say, to write, and to print what he likes. Education is not subject to government interference. Governments are like night-watchmen whom the citizens have entrusted with the task of handling the police power. The men in office are regarded as mortal men, not as superhuman beings or as paternal authorities who have the right and duty to hold the people in tutelage. Governments do not have the power to dictate to the citizens what language they must use in their daily speech or in what language they must bring up and educate their children. Administrative organs and tribunals are bound to use each man’s language in dealing with him, provided this language is spoken in the district by a reasonable number of residents. In such a world it makes no difference where the frontiers of a country are drawn. Nobody has a special material interest in enlarging the territory of the state in which he lives; nobody suffers loss if a part of this area is separated from the state. It is also immaterial whether all parts of the state’s territory are in direct geographical connection, or whether they are separated by a piece of land belonging to another state. It is of no economic importance whether the country has a frontage on the ocean or not. In such a world the people of every village or district could decide by plebiscite to which state they wanted to belong. There would be no more wars because there would be no incentive for aggression. War would not pay. Armies and navies would be superfluous. Policemen would suffice for the fight against crime. In such a world the state is not a metaphysical entity but simply the producer of security and peace. It is the night-watchman, as Lassalle contemptuously dubbed it. But it fulfils this task in a satisfactory way. The citizen's sleep is not disturbed, bombs do not destroy his home, and if somebody knocks at his door late at night it is certainly neither the Gestapo nor the O.G.P.U...".

Unfortunately, the men live today in a totalitarian world. The men have given their lives to the totalitarians. The men seem to have chosen the designs of slavery to enjoy the benefits of their own freedoms. von Mises, follows about the causes of such reality: "...The reality in which we have to live differs very much from this perfect world of ideal liberalism libertarianism. But this is due only to the fact that men have rejected liberalism libertarianism for etatism slaverism. They have burdened the state, which could be a more or less efficient night-watchman, with a multitude of other duties. Neither nature, nor the working of forces beyond human control, nor inevitable necessity has led to etatism slaverism, but the acts of men. Entangled by dialectic fallacies and fantastic illusions, blindly believing in erroneous doctrines, biased by envy and insatiable greed, men have derided capitalism and have substituted for it an order engendering conflicts for which no peaceful solution can be found...".

What von Mises have stated in this pages of his brilliant work is an special dream. A dream that can come true if each supreme individual can realize of he has all rights of it supreme liberty.

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