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miércoles, noviembre 23, 2011

Sound Money and Individual Property Rights

Thorsten Polleit has written a good description about of use of a priori logic on economics theory in a post published at He has proved the truth of one implication from unsound money over erosion and destruction of civil liberty and property rights tracing back the link between this proposition and the human action axiom, which is a so illuminating demonstration while it is using the regression theorem of Mises. Nevertheless I have another proof of the truth of such implication, not tracing back the human action axiom link but reducing such proposition to an absurd situation. Here I wanna leave this demonstration.

The implication of Polleit -original proposition- can be stated as follows: if people use unsound money then this money erodes and destroys civil liberty and property rights. But suppose, for a moment, that such proposition is false. So, unsound money preserves civil liberty and property rights. If one individual accepts a not free choice currency -that is unsound money-, such act imply that this individual accepts a coercive and compulsive money imposed for someone which harms his self-interest because harms both his liberty and his rights to choice. This last conclusion contradicts the supposed preservation of liberty and property rights derived from the falsified original proposition. This contradiction come from such supposed truth of the falsified original proposition. Then, the falsified original proposition is false. Then the original proposition is true, what is the same to say that unsound money erodes and destroys civil liberty and property rights.

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