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martes, diciembre 27, 2011

Infinita et Infinitesimal -Part I-

From the beginning, about of end of 2005, in all the public posts I have added to this blog I have sustained a so predictable standard of conduct to not contaminate the contents of the notes with my personal feeling. At this point I'll break this rule. I know that my personal feeling are something like a kind of perturbation over a so supposed objectivity linked to all my writings. Nevertheless, I'm a human being. And my actions, like all human actions, depend not only from the designs of strict objective logic of the mind but from both the more subjective and less logic human feeling too.

As examples we have that ethic and moral are feelings, the justice is a feeling, and the love is a feeling. Ethic, moral, justice, and love conform a web of institutions that crossover all mankind life every time. So, sometime, both the strict logic of the mind and the more uncertain feeling of the life work together in an indistinguishable cooperative way. This time I have the pleasure to say that the feeling of love has gotten its tail into my strictly logical mind. Then, this note will be a not so strictly logical one; it is a synthesis of both logical and feeling commands.

Infinita-et-Infinitesimal talk about of size of the universe. The size of the cosmos. What is amazing to me is that this note has been inspired from a lot of interchange, conversations, and dialogs, I have had with an smart young girl. I wanna say that the brilliant mind of she, her elegant colloquial logic, has inspired me to think and to feel all what I'm writing now on this topic. I have never talked about cosmos with she. But her words and her feelings have communicated to me a sort of not said, and not seen, messages about of cosmos, about the size of the universe. I was unable to intercept and to understand all the messages coming from she, my mind is not so sophisticated like yours. However the kind of love that I could feel from she has been as an invigorating and powerful fuel to feed my thinkings and feelings about of cosmos. If I'm, or not, wrong depends on my exclusive capacity to feel and understand all messages coming from she.

Let me now to write what I feel and know about of the universe. Let me start with an ask. What about of cosmos?. What sort of things the cosmos consist of?. To me, the cosmos is a pile of things which are both coming and called to exist. In such conception of the cosmos, the space and the time aren't relevant things. Space-time dimension is only a perceptible manifestation of such existence, but the true qualities of the cosmos, its key character, must be understood and explained not in terms of space-time dimension but in terms of the existence of its members, that is, the properties of the things that are coming and called to exist. The cosmos isn't a sort of entity like a set, because in such situation it would be a paradoxical -undefined- entity. The universe is a well defined entity while it is a collection of situations where reign the cause-effect principle. Nothing violates this principle, nothing escapes to its tyranny, nothing exists without cause.

In this way, nothing prevents to me from thinking that the universe looks like an arbitrary collection of black holes, where all existence occurs and persists around these black holes. If this is true then, and eventually, such arbitrary collection becomes an infinity collection of such weird objects. What is more strange yet is that such weird collection could be so infinitesimal as you want, by a simple logical fact that any arbitrary collection of infinitesimal things could converge to an infinitesimal object. So, a logical result from here is that, all universe could consist of a singular infinitesimal object. Or, in other words, the extreme full infinitude of the cosmos could be pushed to one singular infinitesimal finitude.

Infinitude and finitude are both like two faces of the same object: the universe. In the singularity state -not existence state-, wholes of vast collection of properties from existence has been dissolved because of the simple fact that wholes of existence has vanished. But this singular state contains the germ -the seed- of the existence. Then, from here, from this extreme singularity can explode and evolve all existence. When this occurs -when the singularity explodes- the existence predominates on the universe, that is, the universe becomes populated by an infinitude of objects that come to exist. In this state all properties and laws arise, included the property of existence and not existence of the universe...

This note is not finished yet. I wanna keep writing about of Infinita-et-Infinitesimal.

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