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viernes, noviembre 18, 2011

I'm an Anarchist

Mrs. President of Argentina -Cristina Fernandez de K-, along of last G20 meeting held in Cannes -France- about of 3 and 4 November-2011, used the expression “anarcocapitalismo” to address the now observed global financial performance. In truth, such expression used for Mrs. President to characterize a financial market crisis was no so original from she because it is both the same and the recurrent expression used for all Marxian to claim for his loved and totalitarian socialism and to critic the vigorous capitalism. In the pages 155 and 156 -chapter 3- of his book “The Causes of Economic Crisis” written in 1931, Ludwig von Mises said:

“...The Marxian critique censures the capitalistic social order for the anarchy and planlessness of its production methods. Allegedly, every entrepreneur produces blindly, guided only by his desire for profit, without any concern as to whether his action satisfies a need. Thus, for Marxists, it is not surprising if severe disturbances appear again and again in the form of periodical economic crises. They maintain it would be futile to fight against all this with capitalism. It is their contention that only socialism will provide the remedy by replacing the anarchistic profit economy with a planned economic system aimed at the satisfaction of needs.

Strictly speaking, the reproach that the market economy is “anarchistic” says no more than that it is just not socialistic. That is, the actual management of production is not surrendered to a central office which directs the employment of all factors of production, but this is left to entrepreneurs and owners of the means of production. Calling the capitalistic economy “anarchistic,” therefore, means only that capitalistic production is not a function of governmental institutions.

Yet, the expression “anarchy” carries with it other connotations. We usually use the word “anarchy” to refer to social conditions in which, for lack of a governmental apparatus of force to protect peace and respect for the law, the chaos of continual conflict prevails. The word “anarchy,” therefore, is associated with the concept of intolerable conditions. Marxian theorists delight in using such expressions. Marxian theory needs the implications such expressions give to arouse the emotional sympathies and antipathies that are likely to hinder critical analysis. The “anarchy of production” slogan has performed this service to perfection. Whole generations have permitted it to confuse them. It has influenced the economic and political ideas of all currently active political parties and, to a remarkable extent, even those parties which loudly proclaim themselves anti-Marxist...”

It isn't surprising to me that an Sud American politician cultivates in his mind a medieval pre-capitalist idea about of human actions. It isn't surprising to me to see several other politicians of the rest of the world who are clapping while the expressions of Mrs. President Cristina are saying: ohhh!!!, how beasts are all of you, so much that you are not going to eliminate such wild capitalism; what are you waiting from this frenetic capitalism?. But do it is surprising to me is that no Argentinian intellectual, no Argentinian economist, has had the real value to say she: 'how ignorant, how wrong, how arrogant, and how stupid rings a pre-capitalist conception about of now well accepted of all so complex interactions among human beings'.

What Mrs. President don't see, or don't want to accept, is that an economic crisis is always a symptom, a manifestation, of a failure of socialism to contaminate the capitalism. What Mrs. President don't see, or don't want to accept, is that actual crisis is only a symptom, a manifestation, derived from issuing fiat money which is a quasi perfect socialist instrument used to contaminate a sound capitalist economic system. I'm sorry Mrs. President, I see that you mental grasp looks as a so simplistic model for a so complex and sophisticated human action phenomenon. So, given that I'm both one libertarian and anti-totalitarian man, I have to say you that I'm not a socialist. But only given that I believe in a fully free capitalistic society, I have to accept your sentence that: I'm an Anarchist.

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